Posted: March 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

A New Nigeria


The last four days, I have had tremendous reasons to be joyous over Nigeria. My main reason is however Musical. For many of my friends on social media, twitter most importantly, I am a social commentator. However for many who grew up with me, I am a Music Director (having directed notable choirs over 11 years), music critique, a professional drummer and a keyboardist (to mention a few).

A few who understand my passion knows they cannot separate between my apparent love for my nation and my music. These are two immaterial passion that takes my attention anyday. As a critique, very few Nigerian songs catch my attention. The reason is simple: I HATE CRAP. By crap, I mean content, lyrical nonsense, artistes without understanding of their art, compelling measure of expression, stage craft and performance, attitude: not to mention technical skills musically.

Moreso, as one very vocal on Nigeria’s…

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